About Us
About Us
In 2003 the International Art & Architecture Research Association (IAARA) was established as a non-profit and a non-government organization. IAARA is an organization that engages enthusiastic professionals dedicated to solving the problems of rapid urbanization. Research, training and counsellorship in art, architecture and urban design form the main core of activities in the Association.

IAARA attempts to accomplish its goals with the help of numerous skilled and well-known architects and university professors. Major contributions are also made by a group of the most influential scientific and operational managers in the country. Presently IAARA collaborates with a number of national and international organizations such as universities, research institutes, professional firms, mayors, and city managers as well as individual scholars and practitioners.

IAARA has been recognized as the Iranian partner and representative of “Best Practices & Local Leadership Programme” by UN-HABITAT in Nairobi, Kenya.
IAARA is currently involved in organizing the first “World Olympiad for Urban Design” under the supreme management of UN-HABITAT.

IAARA headquarters is located in Tehran, Iran and with an additional office in London, U.K.
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