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Tehran Conference Manifesto 2010
                                     We, more than 300 Architects, Planners and City Officials and invited international experts have gathered at the
                                  International Conference Towards New Architecture in 11-12 November 2010, and are dedicated to confirming
                                  our commitment to realizing the goal of holistic sustainable architecture and urban development.


                                 Thereby, we as architects and urban professionals,

                                 Climate change and environmental degradation are key concerns, which if left unattended can have devastating consequences. Appropriate measures need to be

                                 As urbanization increases, measures are required to create more livable, sustainable, affordable and inclusive cities.

                                 Express our concern
                                 University curricula, building and planning standards, and construction technologies need to keep pace with global
                                  sustainability best practices.

                                 We, as Architects and Urban Professionals, propose the following action plan;
                                 Recognise that climate change is a real threat and there is a need to develop local level adaptation to support quality
                                  architecture which incorporates sustainable development and improves the life of inhabitants.

                                  Promote local knowledge of our built environment based upon our regional context and relevant cultural values
                                  for incorporation into university curricula, regulatory frameworks, professional practice and the construction industry.                                  
to creating climatically adaptive, compact, mixed use, socially integrated neighbourhoods which are
                                  energy and water efficient.

                                 Call for:                  

                                 An innovative forward looking architecture.A national
                                 survey of historic urban patterns and architectural typologies with analysis of their energy and cultural sustainability.