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Urban Space Journal
Yadavaran Publications
English & Farsi
Price: $10 / €7 / £5

Proceedings of Urbanism Management Conference
Yadavaran Publications
Price: 65000 IRR
A specialized international journal, published by IAARA, that focuses on urban space. The first issue was released in Spring 2008.

The Urban Space Journal is part of a larger mission that intends to inspect different dimensions of cities with the purpose of increasing the quality of life among people.
I have always thought of establishing a direct relationship between urban management and architectural knowledge. I believe that urban managers, architects and city planners must reach a universal language in order to achieve their goals.
What type of facilities do architects, city planners, urban designers, Industrial designers and other similar professionals have on hand for them to be able to improve their work? What type of challenges are urban management organizations faced with? What sort of responsibilities do these organizations have toward each other? These are various issues that have occupied my mind since 1999 when I was preparing the first architecture and city planning workshop for the Iranian Ministry. City planning management are the small steps we need to take to reach our final destination.
Proceedings of Abstracts from the 1st Urban Design International Congress
Summer 2006
Yadavaran Publications
English & Farsi
Price: $8 / €5.50 / £4
Contemporary architecture and urbanism faces many serious challenges today such as sustainability and identity. Urban design has always been the missing piece when it comes to humanistic city development. The 1st Urban Design International Congress (UDIC 1) with the slogan "From Theory to Implementation" tries to address this process with a strategic system.
International Logo Design Competition of World Olympiad for Urban Design
Under Print
Yadavaran Publications
English & Farsi
Over 200 logos were presented to the jury, and through a very complex selection method 33 of those have been compliled into a book that is sure to catch the attention of any artist.
A New Urban Design Experience
Yadavaran Publications
English & Farsi

Price: 10000 IRR / $30 / £ 20
This is an London Metropolitan University student report from the urban design competition in city center of Qazvin. Each of the student projects featured in this publication are inspiring and have the potential to become prototype projects and realised.
Habitat Bill of Rights
Yadavaran Publications
This book is the Persian version of "Habitat Bill of Rights" book with the foreword of Dr. Joan Clos, the executive director of UN-HABTAT.This book was written by: Nader Ardalan, Josep Lluis Sert, Balkrishna Doshi, Moshe Safdie, and Georges Candilis whom are among the most famous architects in the world.


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