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Award Ceremony of the International Logo Design Competition of the World Olympiad for Urban Design

Graphical art has a significant role in the world we live in, and a logo is a form of graphical art that has been present throughout much of history. From the earthen seals used by kings during ancient times, to the badges given to commanders in the Middle Ages, until today where we witness company symbols on modern products, logos have always been a sign of recognition, solidity, and pride. Therefore it was necessary to define a logo that would rightfully and creatively express this important international event.

The international logo design competition of the World Olympiad for Urban Design was organized by the Olympiad secretariat with the valuable support of the United Nations.

The secretariat called for the Logo Competition through national newspapers, and the official websites of the Olympiad, Iranian Academy of Arts, Iranian Graphic Designers Society, Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, and ICOGRADA.

The competition secretariat received 209 entries, and on July 15, 2007 the winner of the international logo design competition of WOUD was unveiled at the Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum. Present at the ceremony were top managers of UN-HABITAT, Iranian artists, and the Iranian Vice President. A jury of ten famous Iranian artists and architects awarded Cypriot Sani Karosoglu's entry first place and chose his design as the Olympiad's permanent logo. Second place was awarded to Andrew Wee from the Philippines, and third place went to Nima Pirasteh from Iran.

"The selection of a logo was a first but important step towards the realization of this great idea of celebrating the World Olympiads for Urban Design."
Dr. Anna Tibaijuka
Executive Director of UN-HABITAT
Under Secretary General of the United Nations

"The logo represents freedom and a profound vision of thought and creativity which are the necessary elements for starting any kind of movement or development."
Reza Pourvaziry
President of the International Art & Architecture Research Association (IAARA)
Secretary General of WOUD

"This logo represents the thoughts of the contemporary man who prefers "free thought" to hollow and bounded-based thoughts.
This is a logo that can easily be remembered, and it is "endless" and seems to go on forever in the sense that it is a corpulent tree which keeps developing and growing branches.
Ebrahim Haghighi
Head of the Jury
Chairman of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS)

"The Olympiad logo, which was selected by a jury of outstanding graphic designers, does not only introduce a new criterion in the field of graphic art design, but also restates with a natural approach, the human creativity which is inspired by its cultural and historical identity."
Samad Raja
Deputy Governor General of Fars Province

"The essence of the logo constitutes quite a complex state of thoughts about cities and living environment for humanity".
Senih Cauusoglu
Designer of the Official logo of WOUD

1st Place Design and official logo of the World Olympiad for Urban Design
International Art &
Architecture Research
A s s o c i a t i o n
Award Ceremony of the international logo design competition for WOUD on July 15, 2007 at the Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum