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International Confrence on SustainableUrban Energy
World Habitat Day Ceremony
Summary of Outcomes whilst In Amsterdam
Report on the workshop of"Best Practices for a Sustaible city" Pilot city: Vienna, Australia
ARCHITECTURAL DIALOGUES   Settlement Quality / Criteria
The openning Ceremony of"Local Agenda 21 of Rafsanjan "Book, 16Aug 2011,Nairobi
Best Practices for a Sustainable City Workshop,Pilot City - Vienna - Austria - 5th Sep.2011-Tehran-Iran
The Approval of Local Agenda 21 of Qazvin Project at the Meeting of Qazvin Planning Council
Qazvin Day in Vienna
"Urban Sustainable Development Thorough Tourism Progrm" - Pilot City: Khoramabad
Youth Urban Arts and Design Competition launched
Dubai International Award 2010
Local Agenda 21 of Rafsanjan
The Steering committe of BLP, UN-HABITAT
“Sustainable development project through tourism development for Khoramabad city”
"Qazvin Local Agenda 21-final workshop
The "Habitat Bill of Rights" book was presented in public on 20th Nov 2010
Tehran Conference Manifesto 2010

IAARA wishes a Happy New Iranian Year for all
IAARA has initiated a project for a comprehensive World Settlment Encyclopedia with the partnership of UN-Habitat
UN-HABITAT comes to the aid of Haiti by deploying a rapid response team and formulating plans to help the residents
Nicholas You of UN-Habitat and Chariman of the Forum "City For All" organized by IAARA provides his summation on the event
An International Congress and Forum on Urban Sustainability was organized on 2-4 December 2009 in the city of Qazvin

The prize Ceremony for theYoung Artists Competition will be announced soon

IAARA has launched an Urban Space Development Project in the city of Bam with the partnership of the Bam Municipality

A three-way agreement was signed between IAARA, Tehran Municipality and UN-Habitat
An International Congress and Forum on Urban Sustainability was organized on 2-4 December 2009 in the city of Qazvin
A United Nations Expert Group Meeting was organised on October 29-31, 2009 as a preparatory session for WOUD
Human Habitation: International conference and exhibition on the Persian Gulf was held in London to mark World Habitat Day

IAARA showcased selected works in London from the painting and photography competition of the Persian Gulf Region

Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-Habitat speaks about the Young Artists Competition organized by IAARA in London

A simulation of the Zarand Project for the Promotion of Urban Space Quality was held in the city of Zarand on August 5, 2009

Urban Space Journal 2nd Issue now available at local newsstands across Iran and via email

IAARA held a workshop with the mayor of Zarand for the finalization of the details of the Zarand Project on July 8, 2009

IAARA is introduced in the Spring 2009 issue of INTERPLAN, A publication of the American Planning Association

Peyman Khalaj, 37 year old architect, has been appointed as the assistant director of IAARA by Reza Pourvaziry
Reza Pourvaziry presents a commendation letter on behalf of UN-Habitat to Tehran Mayor, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf
Habitat Bill of Rights Farsi Edition to be published soon by IAARA with forewords from Anna Tibaijuka and Nader Ardalan
IAARA wishes leading advisor and inventive architect Hassan Malekpour a very Happy Birthday!
An International Seminar on Urban Development Plans was organized at the Iranian Academy of Art on May 21-22, 2009

IAARA President participated as part of the Riwaq Think Tank - A Project for the Regeneration of Historic Centers in Palestine

WOUD To Be Held in Oxford University!

Urban World
The 2nd Issue of the UN-Habitat flagship magazine is now available through UN-Habitat publications

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has formally started preparations for the 5th World Urban Forum

IAARA at the 22nd Session of the UN-HABITAT Governing Council

IAARA signs a protocol with Rafsanjan Municipality for the implementation of Local Agenda 21 for the city of Rafsanjan

Seminar on Urban Development Plans focusing on approaches and challenges will be held at the Academy of Art
IAARA signs a protocol with Kara Shar Parsian International for the management of an International Persian Gulf Conference
Based on preliminary discussions, Oxford is the favorite to be the host of the 1st World Urban Olympiad for Urban Design

IAARA in cooperation with Oxford Brookes University organizes a workshop on City Development Strategies (CDS)
City & Dialogue: promoting dialogue through creation, reservation & regeneration of place

Winners of the 2008 Dubai International Awards for Best Practices to improve the living environment have been announced

IAARA signs a protocol with Oxford Brookes University for a joint research collaboration and for specialist training

A painting was given as a gift by IAARA to Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT & Under Secretary General of UN

IAARA at the 4th Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF IV) in Nanjing, China

A Workshop on the Rule & Regulations of Construction was organized with the partnership of the Kuala Lumpur Municipality

Exterior-Interior: public and private life/space on a main street in Tehran, opened on October 20 at OBU

A Traditional Iranian concert performed for the celebration of World Habitat Day in Qazvin, Iran on October 6, 2008

IAARA organizes a third major workshop on Local Agenda 21 in Vienna with the partnership of NHM
An Urban Ecology Workshop with excursions was organized in cooperation with the Natural History Museum of Vienna
A Public Workshop for the Formulation of Local Agenda 21 Qazvin took place with the participation of more than 300 locals

IAARA President extends his appreciation to Gelayol Mosaed, Hassan Malekpour, & Khosro Azarbayejani

IAARA signs a protocol with Zarand Municipality for a new urban space project under UN-HABITAT
Anna Tibaijuka, Under Secretary of UN & Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, met with IAARA President in Nairobi

Nicholas You, Senior Advisor Policy & Strategic Planning at UN-HABITAT, and IAARA President agreed on a new protocol
AUS and IAARA organize the seminar "Contemporary Urban Design Theory and Practice" in Sharjah
Mr. Seifallah Shokri unveils a historical instrument that will be showcased at WOUD

Dr. Anna Tibaijuka, Under Secretary General of the United Nations, met with IAARA President in Tehran

A 2nd Specialized Course on Municipal Financing for Capital Projects was organized in Oxford
Daniel Biau, Director of Regional and Technical Cooperation at UN-HABITAT, met with IAARA President in Tehran
Neil Monaghan, Head of Property Services at Oxfordshire County Council, was invited to Iran by IAARA

IAARA sends 18 BLP forms of various governmental local practices to Nairobi
An Urban Architecture Conference with an Approach to Urban Identity was organized by IAARA in Tehran
Prof. Bernd Lotch, General Director of Vienna Museum, named chairman of S.C. of Local Agenda 21for Qazvin
Local Agenda 21workshop commences in Qazvin

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